302 Words Regarding Golden City Brewery’s Evolution IPA

A crisp sensation leads the charge of smooth hoppy flavor from the tip of your tongue straight back to the esophagus. Something wonderful lies in this beer’s transition from an initial flash of refreshment to the homebound satisfaction it finishes with. At the pour it is a copper-orange color with a satisfactory head, on the tongue pockets of citrus and floral sensations mingle with a hoppy base to create an innately balanced taste. At 7.1% ABV it pleasantly compounds the pleasure of the sun-drenched  community in which it occurs.

Brewed in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Golden City Brewery’s Evolution IPA occurs at the gateway to the west. Where the tradition carried eastward across the vertiginous expanse of the Great Plains is brought to a halt, and the dramatic and unforgiving landscapes of the West demand adaptation. They demand creativity and dedication; humility in the presence of giants, and the audacity to thrive amongst them. Such were the necessary qualities of geologists Charlie and Janine Sturdavant when in 1993 they opened a brewery literally in the backyard of their home on 12th street in Golden, Colorado. An interesting business venture considering they happened to live in the backyard of brewing behemoth Coors. Twenty-four years later “The Second Largest Brewery in Golden” is still tucked into an unassuming residential area, and the tasting room originally in the couples’ sunroom has evolved into a backyard beer garden cherished by the community.

Craft beer culture has finally caught up to GCB, and in the past few years at least four other micro-breweries have sprung up in town, all with quality offerings of their own. Yet the Evolution IPA has lived up to its name and remains the beer that quintessentially complements Golden.

Tip: Ask a bartender about mixing the Evolution IPA with the Red Ale.



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